so we’re in class learning about fuck

for a flarfing grade

but the funny thing is I don’t give a flarf.
everyone’s tossed in the sauce cause we know what to flarfing do.

So fuck it up!
ahhhhh…so what do we have here?
flarf or fuck
make no mistake the funny thing is we’re still in class so should we just fuck cause we’re forced?
so what have we done, we’re flarfing insane!
it’s time, I think we are getting the hang of this
fucking flarfing!

the perculating question?
fuck it or flarf it?

so I decided to add to the flarf, by fluffing it up!

up enough for up..but down enough to touch the gates of hell!

hell NO! why would I want to do that?

I need the flarfing grade so Fuck it!

You break it you buy it, so I flarf it I fluff it.

This class is full of flarf, must be built around it

like mountains high and the oceans deep!

ahhh fuck it..Im too involved.

Isn’t that what we should do? Everybody’s doing it!!

Here’smy XML file


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