Presentation Script

Beginning Mech Suit Pic:
In a world where terrorism is on the rise! The World is filled with fear, many people are afraid, and questions are afloat. These worries have begun to take over our mindsets and influenced how new up and coming generations look at solving them.
Pentagon Pic:
What is there to do about the situation? In order to protect the world’s people from terrorism! I think it is safe to say that it is not smart to try and do it yourself, so who would you call?
Cat Sniper Pic:
We here at J Build’s Design Corporation have a simple answer to the problem at hand. As a special machine and arms dealer, we have developed multiple designs of Mech Suits to combat terrorists. You what is a Mech Suit? A Mech Suit is a protective body armored suit powered with special gadgets and top of the line technology. These suits are the first of their kind and stepping stool in the right direction. We have been in operation for numerous years not just researching the technology for developing the Mech Suits but we have had an initinal hand in police protective wear, swat gear and also in military outfitting. J Build’s also has its own centralized militia force that can be sent out for protection if needed. We host security for political and monetary figures across the world as well.
Mech Suit Pic:
Our designs are built to withstand assaults on our communities in all different factors. Our suits are made to withstand attacks from all fronts. We have units for desert and wooded operations, air, and sea units are also being sold. They are made to fight opposition where you have it.
Lego Terrorist Pic:
With Local Police units maxed to their potential and aren’t equipped correctly to handle the rising situation! We step in to provide them with the means necessary to handle the problem in a much safer manner.
Police the Band Pic:
The new suits built by J Builds Design Corp allow the counter-terrorism forces to be protected from head to toe. Made with Super-light titanium re-enforce carbon fiber steel and able to withstand up to 150 caliber rounds.
Iron Man 2 Pic:
We must take back the world we live in and rid it from the underground world of terrorism. Terrorist will be no more as our Mech Suits provide the means of fighting back and whipping the world clean of them.
J Builds is in operation to bring happiness back to the world and to the forces trying to keep it that way!
Happy Face Pic:
Mech Suit 8 Pic:


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