Ubu Review #1

Review on the: “Eminem” site by SoFake.


            Pop culture has been a part of many peoples lives in both art and musical form. The “Eminem” site from SoFake was able to merge the two with a form or “New Media.” In my Ubu review I will talk about how it was successful in using this “New Media” art form and what stood out to me.

           The site is successful in producing the form of what we call “New Media” by adding Eminem’s music to the site while playing a video for the viewer. The viewer/user is able to listen to a few emotional songs from Slim Shady as the they watch a video of his life. The video is not a recorded film of actual people. The site protrays his life in somewhat of a  cartoon world coming from nothing to stardom, and even showing a possible future for him. As a viewer to the site I originally thought it was an ok site and was done at a mediocre level until I began to search and play a little with the site.

           A recurring thing I have found inside of a lot of work lately would be algorithms inside the interface of the site. The “New Media” used in the Eminem site allows the “viewer” to become a “user” in his own right. The site now becomes somewhat of an algorithm in a way. There is a small game hidden inside the site which actually was pretty interesting. As the video and music explains a lot of his life, the hidden game also gives the viewer/user a third medium to learn more of his life. There are ten hidden tresures or secrets, however you want to think of them. Each giving a secret from his life and as you try to find them all, it makes you want to learn more.

           Now I wouldn’t go as far as saying all of these things connected to me personally. The reason is because I feel I’ve known most of the information given, so it was more of a review for me with the “New Media” form as its medium. All in all I believe “SoFake” did a great job on the site with what they had to work with. From what we learned in class, Eminem had a hand in a lot of the design of the site. I would recommend it to anyone who is a Hip Hop fan or even engulfed in popular culture.




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