Ubu Review #2

Review on John Cage’s 4’33

I choose to review John Cage’s piece, “4’33” because I’ve known about it for sometime. While studying poetic interpretation I watched this in class, and now for our Practicum it has came up again. I had a tough time trying to decide which Perspective to choose from List A on this. I will talk about in the sense on “Fine Art Criticism” and express my whoa factor to the video.

The Medium used by Cage beside the video being taped was an expression of silence. Intended to look like an orchestra is about to play music, Cage has it where there is complete silence. From my prior knowledge, I know this was the initial intentsion, and it serves as the medium for the audience to listen to the natural sounds around them. This is part of my Whoa factor or “Ah-ha” moment of the piece. But it also can help me dive into the whole masterful art of the moment. Usually most “Fine Art Criticism” is for looking at visual substances of art instead of the silence written out as a orchestrated musical piece, but thats the whole interesting thing about Cage’s mindset.

The silences of 4’33 is the key to the whole piece. It puts everything together as it seperates an on-lookers mindset. At first you maybe like confused and totally thrown off on the concept, but as you begin to just listen to the surrounding noise, it all becomes the musical piece. Beautifully thought out and acted!

4’33 connected with me in the sense that it allowed me as the listener/viewer to just sit back and grasp everything. I wasn’t having to try and understand the note structure or change in pitch, all I did was listen to nothing. Total silence from the orchestra gave me the chance to listen to what was around me.

That is my short Ubu Review on John Cage’s 4’33


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