Ubu Review #3

The Body by Shelley Jackson

I choose to do The Body by Shelley Jackson for my third Ubu Review and in with the criticism of “Feminism.” In this review I will talk about what caught my eye and lead to an “ahh hah” moment for me.

I found this piece by Shelley Jackson to be very powerful. As a man I definitely see it much different then she or any other woman would. She talks about all her different body parts, and each meaning something entirely different to her. She then recollects memories about each one, mostly bad memories that lead her to be confused and second guess her body. When coming to her breast she explained the pain being unbearable for her and her being very in-tuned with them. They seemed to influence her when it came to her art also. The “ahh hah” moment had to when she went into her lower region. Its really not so much of what she wrote about, it was about how graphic she got with it.

So I choose to look at Jackson’s, “The Body” in a way of “Feminism.” I can see this piece being very influential to woman of all different walks of life. This is a very strong and powerful piece stating a lot of things woman seem to hold private amongst themselves. As a man I don’t have the same memories of my body parts as do a woman. We have our own conceptions and memories. I respect what Jackson was trying to do here in “The Body” and I definitely will try to understand the woman’s way of thinking more.

The piece can help woman be more secure with themselves knowing that their not the only person having those thoughts and it also can help men understand women more clearly.

So as I finished the piece with the concept of “feminism” I was caught up in the question of, who was this piece really intended to reach? Was it just for women? Was it just for her to write in order to be more secure with herself, or was it clearly made for men?


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